Dating Restaurant-Dating Restaurant v1.6.7 MOD APK (Money, Free Rewards)

Dating Restaurant-Dating Restaurant v1.6.7 MOD APK (Money, Free Rewards) title=

Dating Restaurant


Dating Restaurant is a simulation game with the management of a restaurant and especially a buffet restaurant for couples in love. Your task is to build and develop your restaurant business model to serve your esteemed customers. You will have to face many difficulties to achieve the desired success, so try to make a career and help the restaurant become famous.


When coming to Dating Restaurant, immediately the dream of becoming a restaurant manager or simply wanting to have exciting experiences will come true. A job that not everyone can do, and now you have the opportunity to explore. Build a restaurant specifically for couples and people who come here to enjoy a romantic date. Your task is to help these couples have a delicious and happy meal throughout their date.

In the beginning, the restaurant is not complete, so you need to invest in it to grow and become more popular. Since your restaurant serves buffet-style, open one or two small food stalls such as hotdogs and salads first. Until you profit and have an extra budget, think about opening more food stalls. In addition, you can also buy more sets of tables and chairs, decorate the restaurant space and upgrade other types of entertainment services.


No matter how big or small your business is, customers are an essential factor determining its success. The same goes for Dating Restaurant because your restaurant will not be able to operate and develop for a long time without customers. As a restaurant manager, in addition to having to use resources appropriately to build, you also need to care about the mood of your customers. Try to help customers stay in the most relaxed state when dining at the restaurant.

To attract more customers to the restaurant, it is always best to bring novelty by researching different types of buffets to serve them. The most important thing is never to let customers get angry because they wait too long because they may leave immediately. The quality of your restaurant will gradually decrease, and you risk bankruptcy if there are too many bad reviews from customers.


The game is designed in a simulation game style that allows players to get the most realistic gameplay experience.The context of the game will be created with the main task of the players, which is to manage a buffet restaurant for couples.A huge restaurant empire will be developed with carefully researched, analyzed, and invested plans coming from you.To receive special love from customers, the service issue of the restaurant system always needs to be taken care of.The game’s graphics are designed in a fun cartoon style with exciting color combinations to create the most unique overall.