Stickman Shinobi Fighting-Stickman Shinobi Fighting v3.7 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Menu)

Stickman Shinobi Fighting-Stickman Shinobi Fighting v3.7 MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Menu) title=

Stickman Shinobi Fighting


Explore the many locations of Stick Shinobi to learn about stickman ninja stories, martial techniques, ultimate talents, and relentless one-on-one battles! Become more powerful, more agile, and lethal, and battle against some of the terrifying villains! Participate in the fight with your favorite manga characters and engage in Shinobi Battles spanning the entirety of the anime.


Stick Shinobi provides multiple battle stages in which you and your warriors compete in various levels, from the bottom to the top. Starting in the Green Jungle, this state looks to be ideal for new Shinobi, but it may worsen as you progress deeper. You may find it difficult not just in The Forgotten Sand Valley, but inexorable battles will leave you and the shinobi exhausted in The Mountains! Better prepare yourself since a careless moment might end in death!

Remember that after each map, you must fight a genuine boss. Bosses might be villains, expert ninjas, or warriors with extensive experience in long-lasting fights, and they can make you struggle for hours!


Stick Shinobi offers a vast number of formidable ninjas and warriors, so pick a favorite and explore this new universe. Those martial arts experts have distinct fighting, assassination, and ultimate ninja talents, so if you could match the proper warriors to the perfect combo, your phone would acquire numerous flashy effects that captivate people around! That’s exactly how we want to play! More Shinobi, friends, and fun!

You should also turn up the volume to get the most out of this game. The sound effects for each ninja are unique, allowing you to experience the intensity of the battle!


Starting Character Pack, which includes some of the important fighters that will help you relive your childhood.10 different maps, 300 different stages ranging from simple to challenging, and 30 different monsters. Oh yes, the bosses get tougher as the game progresses as well!Additional enhancements to your strength are provided, along with incentives!Fights to the death between lethal ninjas who employ their assassination talents.If you get a higher score, you will receive nicer goodies at the end of each level.Step into this brand-new universe filled with skilled ninjas and compete for your life and honor. This would turn out to be one of the most memorable stickman experiences that you could ever have.